• Begins with a Management Instance that is launched in your own AWS account.  

  • A simple but powerful Web-UI is then used to create a base HPC environment with Scheduler, Login instance and storage that you choose.  

  • After the HPC environment is created you can submit Torque(PBS) or Slurm jobs through CCQ, a meta-scheduler that is delivered with CloudyCluster.  

  • Once submitted, CCQ inspects the job and instantiates the instances dynamically and once ready releases the job to Torque(PBS) or Slurm to process the job.  

  • When all the jobs for that instance type are complete, CCQ tears down the instances before the billing cycle is complete, so you only pay for the runtime you need.

CloudyCluster eases the burden of creating an HPC or Big Data Infrastructure in the Cloud.  It has been aptly called a "Mobile Web Driven Data Center in the Cloud."


CloudyCluster also allows you to collaborate in the Cloud with others by simply and easily tying to popular cloud collaboration platforms, enabling Virtual Organizations and the Long Tail of Computational Science and Cloud Based Cyberinfrastructure.

CloudyCluster is designed to look and feel similar to standard HPC environments, with login instances, scheduler, scratch storage and with the added capabilities of elastic compute instance creation.


Natural Language Processing at Clemson University—1.1 Million vCPUs & EC2 Spot Instances



A group of researchers from Clemson University achieved a remarkable milestone while studying topic modeling, an important component of machine learning associated with natural language processing, breaking the record for creating the largest high-performance cluster by using more than 1,100,000 vCPUs on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances running in a single AWS region, accessed via CloudyCluster.

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