Unlimited HPC with CloudyCluster on AWS
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With the new version 1.2.1 of CloudyCluster you can do more HPC in the AWS cloud.

CloudyCluster eases the burden of creating an HPC or Big Data Infrastructure in the Cloud. 

It gives you the power to spin up an Advanced Computing Infrastructure, complete with many open computational applications pre-installed.  You can even pause, resume, compute some more and delete when you are finished.

With CCQ (CloudyCluster Queue) you can submit a job and have the AWS infrastructure created for you on demand, for only as long as your jobs need it.

 The CloudyCluster Interface is adaptable for mobile devices. Spin up a cloud on the go!

The CloudyCluster Interface is adaptable for mobile devices. Spin up a cloud on the go!

 CloudyCluster Architecture   

CloudyCluster Architecture


CloudyCluster 1.2.1 enables the nearly infinite AWS cloud for HPC. 

Advanced applications such as Paraview, below, can now easily be run in the cloud in any of the login nodes through VNC.  

OpenFOAM post-processing with ParaView is an example of one of many graphical software applications that can now be leveraged through CloudyCluster.

Get up to 5,000 core hours in AWS Credit to try CloudyCluster, plus a Solution Brief and CloudyCluster Case Study

If you would like to receive a code for up to 5,000 free core hours in AWS credit for use in testing CloudyCluster, please complete the form below. You will get a solution brief and we will contact you to schedule a screen-sharing session to activate your code and help you set up CloudyCluster on your AWS account.

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