CloudyCluster  for the NIH Commons Credits Program

CloudyCluster by Omnibond can make parallel computation in the AWS Cloud easier, with integrated schedulers, HPC libraries and software.


INtegrated Schedulers

CloudyCluster provides seamless integration of elastic HPC scheduling on AWS through CCQ to the familiar Torque and Slurm schedulers.  CCQ enables the required instances to be dynamically launched when the job is submitted and terminates the instances when there are no other jobs in the queue for that instance type.  You can have different jobs for different instance types all computing concurrently.


Integrated HPC Libraries and Software

CloudyCluster comes with a wide variety of standard HPC libraries and software to reduce the time to start HPC computing in the AWS cloud.

Boost, Cuda Toolkit, Docker, FFTW, FLTK, GCC, Gengetopt, GRIB2, GSL, Hadoop, HDF5, ImageMagick, JasPer, NetCDF, NumPy, Octave, OpenCV, OpenMPI, PROJ, Python, R, Rmpi, SciPy, SIngularity, SWIG, WGRIB, UDUNITS

Ambertools, ANN, ATLAS, BLAS, Blast, Blender, Burrows-Wheeler Aligner, CESM, Galaxy, GROMACS, LAMMPS, NCAR, NCL, NCO, nwchem, OpenFoam, papi, paraview, Quantum Espresso, SAMtools, WRF

We can help you, or you can install additional software as needed in a shared EFS location or create a custom AMI with what you need.

CC Video Still


With CloudyCluster we have tried to make parallel scientific computing in the cloud as easy as possible, from launching the environment to creating your first HPC environment.  To help you get started with your project, we will provide a free remote overview and tutorial of CloudyCluster and also provide email support for using it through your project.  You can also purchase other services such as image customization or even just advising on how to optimize CloudyCluster for your project.

Our videos show the simplicity of using CloudyCluster for your projects.