CloudyCluster begins with a Management Instance. Once launched in your own AWS account, you can access a simple but powerful Web-UI—from your phone, tablet or desktop—that allows you to manage your Advanced Cloud Computing Infrastructure.


CloudyCluster eases the burden of creating an HPC or Big Data Infrastructure in the Cloud.  It has been aptly called a "Mobile Web Driven Data Center in the Cloud."

It gives you the power to spin up an Advanced Computing Infrastructure, complete with many open computational applications pre-installed.  You can even pause, resume, compute some more and delete when you are finished.

With CCQ (CloudyCluster Queue) you can submit a job and have the AWS infrastructure created for you on demand for only as long as you need it.

CloudyCluster allows you to collaborate in the Cloud with others by simply and easily tying to popular cloud collaboration platforms, enabling Virtual Organizations and the Long Tail of Computational Science and Cloud Based Cyberinfrastructure.