2 TIERS™ by DellEMC is a storage solution prototype that provides a high performance storage tier, OrangeFS, and a cost-effective capacity tier.
2 TIERS™ can be run in the cloud or on premise, in CloudyCluster on AWS or on premise with DellEMC hardware.

Unique characteristics of 2 TIERS™

  • Single file system name space with dynamically-loadable name space partitions (DLN)
  • Tiering of both data and metadada
  • Fast tier performance target: greater than 10x capacity of Data Lake
  • Direct access (read-only) to the capacity tier, bypassing the fast tier
  • 2 TIERS™ provides tiering & non-tiering modes
  • No client changes required
  • No changes to the products required for integration

2 TIERS™ Documentation